5th Grade

This section provides a more detailed overview of the Grade 5 curriculum.

Math Content presents unit summaries; a description of the math content in each strand, including mathematical emphases and benchmarks; and a grade level scope and sequence.

The Sample Session section provides a session from the first Grade 5 unit, Number Puzzles and Multiple Towers: Multiplication and Division 1, and related materials such as Student Activity Book pages, Student Math Handbook pages, Teacher Notes, etc.

Classroom Video provides examples of teachers and students in a range of Investigations classrooms.

Pacing Information offers a list of units, the number of sessions in each and total sessions for the year, and daily time expectations for mathematics instruction.

Components describes the various components that make up the Core Curriculum Package; specifies which materials are available in Spanish; itemizes the materials that make up the Manipulatives Kit, the Completer Kit, and the Cards Package; and describes additional, optional resources.

Investigations and the CCSS provides information about Investigations and the Common Core State Standards at Grade 5, including sample instructional plans, a sample Session, correlations, and information about content and pacing.