From the Field Ongoing – Draft

Make a Counting Book This class made a counting book with a page for each day of at-home learning.

Measuring with Feet Measure something with your feet. How many feet is it? What if your younger sibling measures the same thing with their feet? What if an adult measures the same thing with their feet? Will their results be bigger, smaller, or the same? Why do you think so?

Shut the Box Practice addition combinations and think about strategy. Directions here

How many dancing feet? Solve a riddle about dancing feet. Challenge: Make a dancing feet riddle for someone else to solve!

Angles in Your Name What kinds of angles can you find in your name?

Sidewalk Math Make a design and then ask some questions about it! See sample questions at

Math a Puzzle Cut one face of a box into pieces to make a puzzle!

An Array Hunt What arrays can you find? How many rows? How many columns? How many total?

Multiplication How would you explain to someone how how much fruit you’d need to eat 5 pieces a day for 8 days?

Multiplication War Do you know the card game War? Here’s a version that focuses on multiplication, and has a strategic twist!

Four 4’s The challenge: use four 4’s and any of the operations to make all of the numbers from 0-20. For example (4+4) – (4+4) = 0. 

The Horse Problem Good for young and old alike. How did you think about it? How would you convince someone else your thinking makes sense? Acting it out can be a helpful strategy!