Counting and Computation K-2

This three-day workshop focuses on the teacher’s role in supporting K-2 students in making sense of numbers, the number system, and the operations. « Return to Face-to-Face Courses

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Tuition: $375 per participant

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In This Course, Participants…

  • examine how students learn to count accurately and efficiently, work on place value, and develop strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems
  • examine the mathematical content of the number and operations strand at K-2 and at a specific grade level
  • analyze student work to consider what students do and don’t yet understand about number and operations, and how to help them move forward
  • analyze the teacher’s role in helping all students and specifically struggling students develop accurate, efficient, and flexible strategies for solving problems that involve counting and computation

I have been working to change my feelings about math for the past few years. This workshop validates all that I have been trying to do.

— Participant, Montana

Who Should Attend
Grades K-2 teachers who are new to Investigations or have been using Investigations as their primary curriculum.

Clock Hours
Receive a certificate indicating 18 clock hours upon completion of the workshop.

Graduate Credit
Apply for 1 graduate credit through Framingham State University, for an additional fee of $75 paid to FSU. Information and applications are available the first day of the workshop.