Developing Computational Fluency

This 7-week online course explores how K-5 students develop computational fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division — the core of the work in the elementary grades. « Return to Online Courses

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Tuition: $500 per participant

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In This Course, Participants…

  • consider the use of representations, models, and contexts that help students attach meaning to the properties of operations, build readiness for algebra, and achieve computational fluency
  • use place value understanding and properties of operations to solve multi-digit arithmetic problems
  • look closely at ways in which strategies for the four operations develop across the elementary grades
  • examine how students describe, analyze, and compare strategies so they can efficiently and flexibly solve more complex problems
  • develop and examine their own computational strategies
  • focus on ways to support students as they enact the Mathematical Practices to ensure that they become mathematically proficient
  • analyze student thinking through classroom videos, readings, and interactive demonstrations
  • see the connections between the Standards for Mathematical Practices and the domain of Number and Operations in Base Ten in the CCSS

By looking at computational fluency K-5, I have seen how conceptual understanding is developed and how students make connections, see relationships, and make conjectures based on prior knowledge.

— DCF Online Course Participant

Who Should Attend
All K-5 educators and leaders benefit from studying the progression of computational fluency with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division through the grades.

Clock Hours
Receive a certificate indicating 40 clock hours upon completion of the course.

Graduate Credit
Apply for 3 graduate credits through Framingham State University, for an additional fee of $225 paid to FSU. Information and applications are available the first week of the course.