Understanding Operations K-5, Part 2

This three-day workshop focuses on how understanding operations and reasoning algebraically helps students with computational fluency.

Tuition is $375 per participant.

Contact us to learn more, for information on hosting a workshop, or to have a conversation about which offering might be best given your particular situation/needs.

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In This Course, Participants…

  • have focused time to spend on algebraic reasoning in the number and operations strand for themselves as learners
  • see how to explicitly embed generalized arithmetic in the number strand sessions of Investigations and consider its importance in addressing the needs of the range of learners
  • view video and examine student work to see how K-5 students engage with algebraic ideas
  • examine the role of representation and justification in algebraic reasoning with a focus on when a justification is ‘done’
  • identify times and ways for making algebraic ideas explicit in the classroom

Who Should Attend
This workshop is designed for grades K to 5 teachers who have been using Investigations in their classroom for at least one year and/or have attended our Investigations in the Classroom OR Building Computational Fluency, and our Understanding Operations K-5, Part 1 workshops.

Clock Hours
Participants receive a Certificate of Completion indicating the course clock hours (18) when they complete the course.

Graduate Credit
Participants can apply for 1 graduate credit through Framingham State University, for an additional fee of $75 paid to FSU. Information and applications are available from the course facilitator on the first week of the course.