The Curriculum and the CCSS

The TERC authors and Pearson are currently working on a 3rd edition of Investigations. Classroom implementation is planned to begin fall, 2016. Investigations 3rd edition will maintain its standard of excellence as a focused, coherent program that embodies the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice and fully aligns to the Content Standards.

Until the publication of the 3rd edition, Investigations users can implement the Core Standards by teaching the program fully, as written, and integrating the new content included in Investigations and the Common Core State Standards. These companion materials, available from Pearson, are designed for use in conjunction with the curriculum units at each grade level, K-5.

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Investigations and the Common Core State Standards.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CCSS, and about Investigations and the CCSS.

Professional development opportunities for teachers, math leaders and administrators, focused on implementing Investigations and the CCSS.