Student Activity Books

Available by unit or for the whole year, the Student Activity Book contains all of the consumable pages for student work, including in-class work such as activity sheets (pdf), recording sheets for math games (pdf), homework sheets (pdf), and practice pages (pdf). It is available in English or Spanish, in hard copy or online, and as three- and six-year subscriptions. (The online version is available through Pearson’s SuccessNet.)

Homework sheets practice the work done in class, or prepare for an upcoming activity. Homework is assigned occasionally in Kindergarten, when it connects to classwork the following day. Then, it increases by grade: 1-2 times per week in first grade; 2-3 times per week in second grade; 3-4 times per week in fourth grade; and 4-5 times per week in fifth grade. Each homework sheet includes a reference to the Student Math Handbook, which students and families can use as for support as they complete their homework.

Practice pages provide practice with current and past content, and include regular test-prep items. One page per Session is included in grades 1-5, including one enrichment page per unit. (Kindergarten includes one page per Investigation.) Practice pages are designed to be used flexibly—for classroom practice outside of math time, as extra homework, or in before- and after-school programs. Every practice pages also includes a reference to the Student Math Handbook.

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