Combined K-5 Information

The documents below provide information about Kindergarten through 5th grade in one file. (Note the length of each in parentheses below. Shorter, grade-specific documents can be found in the grade level sections to the left.)

Math Content K-5 presents a grade-by-grade description of the math content in each strand, including the mathematical emphases and benchmarks.

Unit Summaries K-5 provides sequential summaries all the units at each grade level.

Scope and Sequence K-5 contains the mathematical emphases, math focus points, and assessed benchmarks for each of the units K-5.

Components K-5 describes the components that make up the Core Curriculum Package at any grade; specifies the materials that are available in English and Spanish; and lists the material that make up the manipulatives Kit, the Completer Kit, and the Cards Package at each grade level.

Pacing Information K-5 offers a list of units at each grade level, the number of sessions in each unit, and total sessions for the year in each grade. Also provided are daily time expectations for mathematics instruction.

Note that a Sample Session, with all of the related support materials, is available in each grade level section. For example, see the Grade 5 Session More Division Problems.

Information about Investigations and the Common Core State Standards can be found in The Curriculum and the CCSS section.