Math Workshop

Found in most units, Math Workshop is a structure that allows individuals, pairs, or small groups of students to work on a set of related activities that focus on similar mathematical content. The activities are not sequential: as students move among them they continually revisit the important concepts and ideas they are learning. By repeatedly playing a game, or solving similar problems, students are able to refine strategies, use different contexts, and bring new knowledge to familiar circumstances. Because Math Workshop is often preceded and followed by whole class activities, students have many opportunities to discuss and synthesize the big ideas of the activities they have been working on. The purpose of Math Workshop is to:

  • provide students with repeated experience with the concepts being learned and time to practice important skills and refine strategies
  • provide time for the teacher to work with individuals and small groups and to assess students’ learning and understanding
  • help students develop independence and learn to take responsibility for their own learning.

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