Computers are explicitly linked to one curriculum unit at each grade level through software that is provided with the curriculum. These pieces of software—Shapes at K-2 and LogoPaths at 3-5—are intended to support and extend the mathematics of the geometry and measuring units. While highlighted in these units, ideally students should have access to the software throughout the year.

In Grades K-2, Shapes Software provides an environment in which students investigate a variety of geometric ideas, including how different shapes go together; relationships between shapes; how shapes combine to make other shapes; patterning and tiling; symmetry; and geometric transformations such as rotations (turns), translations (slides), and reflections (flips).

In Grades 3-5, LogoPaths Software provides an environment in which students investigate movement along paths, length, perimeter, angle and the characteristics of a variety of shapes.

Each piece of software offers sets of activities with varying levels of difficulty. At each grade level suggestions are given for the level of activities that most students will be working with. Teachers will introduce particular games and activities in particular grades, and we assume that students will primarily focus on these. But, students can find their own level—starting with easier ones or challenging themselves with harder ones—without being constrained by the grade level they’re in. That is, our assumption is that some 5th graders may need to use the “3rd grade” materials and vice versa.

The software is provided as a CD-ROM to be used with the 2-D Geometry units, and is also available through the Pearson website.

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