Implementing Books

At each grade level, the Implementing Investigations guide includes:

  • an overview of the curriculum as a whole and at that grade;
  • a closer look at the mathematics content, organized by strand, that includes lists of the Math Focus Points and benchmarks;
  • summaries of the Classroom Routines and or Ten-Minute Math activities, including the variations that will be explored over the course of the year;
  • program-wide Teacher Notes that explain some key ideas underlying the curriculum;
  • a set of case studies about working with a range of learners that can be used for professional development;
  • scope and sequence information for the previous grade, that grade, and the subsequent grade; and
  • an Index.

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Learn More

Read an example of a K-5 Teacher Note about Mathematical Discussions (pdf).

Read teacher-written cases about the range of learners, and about creating supportive and productive learning environments.