About Us

Investigations in Number, Data, and Space was developed at TERC by a team of curriculum developers and mathematics educators. The first edition of the curriculum, funded by the National Science Foundation, was field-tested in a variety of schools over an eight-year period (1990-1998). The second edition, also field-tested in a variety of schools (2001-2004), was funded by the National Science Foundation, TERC, and Pearson. Dr. Susan Jo Russell was the Principal Investigator of both of the National Science Foundation grants that funded the development of Investigations.

Authors and members of the Investigations Implementation Center and Investigations Workshops staff provide direct support to Investigations users by offering research-based professional development and technical assistance. We support the range of Investigations users in schools and districts across the country, as well as some outside the United States. Our goal is to advance the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students and teachers.

TERC is a nonprofit research and development organization whose mission is to improve mathematics, science, and technology teaching and learning. TERC, founded in 1965, is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. TERC staff includes researchers, scientists, and mathematicians, and curriculum and professional development specialists who ground their work on inquiry-based approaches that deepen all learners’ understandings.