Implementing Investigations 3 in the K-5 Classroom

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In this 7-week asynchronous online workshop, participants learn about the content and pedagogy of Investigations 3. Through online interactive activities and discussions, participants develop a solid understanding of the curriculum. They explore key mathematical concepts K-5, and consider how to effectively support student learning. 

In this course, participants: 

  • examine how the teaching and learning of important math ideas progresses K-5 in Investigations 3
  • explore how students’ developing understandings of counting, place value, and the operations intertwine, and help them solve problems
  • work with the representations and contexts that students use to make sense of the base ten number system, the operations, and rational numbers
  • see how students classify and measure shapes
  • examine videos of Investigations classrooms in action and analyze student work
  • consider how Investigations 3 aligns with the Common Core Content Standards and how students engage in the Math Practices throughout the curriculum

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Upcoming Course: June 21-August 8, 2023

Tuition: $450 per participant through 6/6/23; $500 after 6/6/23; $550 after registration closes on 6/13/23

Who Should Attend People implementing (or considering implementing) Investigations for the first time; people who have some experience and want to learn more about the content of Investigations 3.

Contact Hours Participants receive a certificate for 40 contact hours or PDPs (MA only) upon completion of the workshop.

Graduate Credits 3 credits are available through Framingham State University, for an additional fee of $225 paid to FSU. Information will be shared via email.

Have Questions? Check our FAQ or contact us to learn more, or for information about hosting an online workshop for your school or district.

Twitter: @Inv3_Math


“I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues who want to learn more about Investigations. The course truly gave me time to absorb the curriculum and have a better grasp of the concepts.”

— Workshop Participant