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These 7-week asynchronous online courses offer a convenient and affordable opportunity to experience mathematics teaching and learning in an in-depth way. Sessions include doing math, watching classroom video, and analyzing student work. Participants engage weekly (approximately 4-6 hours), at the times that work for them, on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. They share, collaborate, and reflect with colleagues and interact with facilitators who have extensive experience with Investigations.

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Host a workshop for your school or district. Hosting a workshop allows everyone in your school or district the opportunity for a shared learning experience.

Our Workshops offer hands-on, engaging experiences focused on the work that teachers/coaches/administrators do with their students/teachers around mathematics teaching and learning. Facilitators have extensive experience with Investigations. Sessions involve doing math, looking deeply at math content, discussing and analyzing math teaching and learning, planning, looking at student work, and watching classroom video.

The specific focus, logistics, tuition, and graduate credits available vary by offering; use the links below to learn more.

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Work with us to design a customized professional development experience that meets the needs of your teachers, budget, and schedule. Possible focus:

  • Develop a short- and long-term plan for implementation and professional development
  • Develop and deepen participants’ math and pedagogical content knowledge
  • Understand the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core
  • Learn how to use observations to inform instruction, and how to engage students in productive mathematical discussions
  • Experience collaborative coaching: participants preview a lesson, observe it in a classroom, and debrief together
  • Help ELL and Special Education teachers support math learning for the range of learners
  • Explore ways to engage and involve parents as partners in math teaching and learning

Have Questions? Contact us to talk about your goals and objectives. We will work with you to create a professional development plan that meets your needs and budget.

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Burst PD: Series 2 In these 30-minute sessions, Investigations authors discuss differentiation in Investigations 3. Learn more about supporting the range of learners in the elementary mathematics classroom.

Watch Burst Series 2, Session 5: Using the Expanded Differentiation Activities

Watch Burst Series 2, Session 4: Differentiating Games in Grades 3-5

Watch Burst Series 2, Session 3: Differentiating Games in K-2

Watch Burst Series 2, Session 2: Examining Strategies for Differentiation

Watch Burst Series 2, Session 1: Eight Strategies for Differentiation

Burst PD: Series 1 In these 30-minute sessions, Investigations authors discuss how specific features of the Investigations 3 curriculum are being – and can be – used to promote and support math conversations and discussions in remote learning situations.

Watch Burst Series 1, Session 3: Promoting Student Talk Using Sample Student Work

Watch Burst Series 1, Session 2: Promoting Student Talk Using the Math Words and Ideas

Watch Burst Series 1, Session 1: Promoting Student Talk Using the Students Might Say

Webinars In these 45-minute webinars, Investigations authors discuss one topic (e.g. assessment or review and practice in Investigations 3). Each Author Talk ends with a short Q&A focused on questions submitted by participants during registration.

Watch Investigations Author Talks

2022 Dates! 

Online This Summer

Implementing Investigations 3 in the K-5 Classroom
Supporting Math Learning
Making Sense of Fractions
June 22 – August 9, 2022 

Want to hold a workshop or online course for just your school/district? Contact us.

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