At-Home Resources

Watch this space for an evolving set of resources to support teachers, educators, and families during school closures. These will include digital assets, math activities families can do at home, and ideas for supporting students as they work on math problems. 

Suggestions from the Field

People have been sharing such lovely ideas about how families can be doing interesting, engaging math at home. This page compiles examples from Twitter, with commentary about ways to extend or alter them for children of different ages.


    Math at Home

    Math at Home is a collection of K-5 activities that families can do together. A new set of activities in English and Spanish will be released every few days!

    Math Words and Ideas from Investigations 3

    Math Words and Ideas provides a clear, interactive review of different concepts. Many include an animation; all include a “Try It” activity. The MWI can be accessed in English or Spanish

    Investigations 3 Games Online

    The Games Center contains online versions of many of the Investigations 3 games. It can be accessed in English and Spanish.