Equity and the Investigations 3 Curriculum




Watch this space for an evolving set of resources designed to support teachers and educators in thinking about issues of equity, access, identity, and agency in the Investigations classroom. The Investigations staff is collaborating with consultants whose work focuses on these issues.

Top: Karen Econompoulos, Keith Cochran, Susan Jo Russell
Middle: Lynne Godfrey, Megan Murray, Marta Garcia
Bottom: Arusha Hollister, Lorraine Brooks, Annie Sussman

A Framework for Reflecting about Equity in the Investigations Mathematics Curriculum

This framework lays out the territory for potential action, as our staff takes up questions about how Investigations can be a tool for anti-racist work and better support students who have been historically marginalized, especially Black and brown students, to be doers of mathematics. We offer it as a resource for reflecting on issues of equity, identity, and agency in mathematics learning and teaching, both for ourselves and for school-based educators.