Information about Graduate Credit Requirements and Registration Process
PRDV 73124 TERC: Investigations 3 in the K-5 Classroom
Bismarck ND
June 25-28, 2018


Graduate Credit: Three graduate credits are available through Framingham State University for an additional fee of $225. You must decide prior to the first day of the Workshop if you are registering for Graduate Credit.

Course Requirements:

Participants who are taking the workshop for Graduate Credit are responsible for the following:

  • Attend an informational meeting on Monday, June 25th 3:00-4:00
  • Attend all sessions of the 4-day workshop. Please note that the final day of the workshop ends at 3:00 pm. Please make travel arrangements that allow for a 3:00 pm departure from the Workshop. It is not possible to make-up missed sessions. There are no exceptions.
  • Complete additional readings and written reflections associated with each workshop session, in addition to the regularly assigned homework for the workshop. Responses to these assignments will be submitted no later than July 5, 2018
  • Write an 11-page (minimum) paper due no later than July 12, 2018
  • Details about additional reading/writing assignments and final paper can be found here
  • Assignments and associated readings are available and submitted via Google Classroom.

NOTE: You must have a personal (non-school) Gmail address to access Google Classroom (school-related gmail addresses will not work). See below for more information.

Registration Process

If you are interested in Graduate Credit please do the following prior to the first day of the workshop:

  • Download and complete the Graduate Credit registration form
  • Submit registration form and payment to Framingham State University prior to the first day of the workshop
  • Set-up a personal (non-school) Gmail account if you do not have one (it’s free)
  • Please respond to this short survey about whether or not you plan to take the course for Graduate credit.