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Math Workshop: A Structure that Supports Equity in the Investigations Classroom

Equitable teaching and learning of mathematics can only proceed in an environment where students engage deeply with significant mathematical ideas, have opportunities to express their math thinking and listen to the thinking of others, take responsibility for their learning, and work together in productive and equitable ways. Structures in Investigations 3 such as discussions, Math Workshop, and partner work offer critical opportunities to develop and support an equitable math learning...

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Getting Started: What’s Critical at the Beginning of the Year? Part 2

We recently asked a group of experienced Investigations teachers the following question: How do you think about creating a math community? What’s critical, particularly at the beginning of the year? In Part 1, we shared their thoughts about setting up the classroom, organizing the math materials, and establishing and maintaining norms. Here, we share their thoughts about Math Workshop and discussions – two structures they cited as critical to a successful and productive math learning...

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