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Developing Classroom Agreements in the Investigations 3 Classroom

In our recent blog, A New Class, A New Year: The Role of Classroom Agreements, we discussed ways to work with students to establish classroom agreements that support the development of an equitable and inclusive mathematics learning community. In this blog, we share some of the ways the Investigations curriculum supports teachers in doing that work. In the first few days and weeks of school, students in Investigations classrooms work independently, with partners, and in small groups; make...

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A New Class, A New Year: The Role of Classroom Agreements

The beginning of the year is an exciting time; one that offers us an opportunity to get to know our students. As we learn their interests, cultures, developing identities, and preferences we are simultaneously thinking about how we can create an equitable learning community that values and respects varied ideas, competencies, and contributions. A critical component of an inclusive  community is the development of classroom agreements. Many of us remember the beginning of school as a time when...

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