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A Framework for Reflecting about Equity in the Investigations Mathematics Classroom

For the past two years the project staff of the Investigations Center for Curriculum and Professional Development has been studying literature that addresses issues of equity, access, identity, and agency in mathematics education (for example, see Aguirre et. al., 2013; Ball, 2018; Gutiérrez, 2007; Hammond, 2015; Kay, 2018; Ladson-Billings, 2006; Nasir, 2016; NCSM & TODOS, 2016). During this study, we have been asking ourselves: How can a mathematics curriculum be a tool for anti-racist...

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Curriculum Matters

Picture it! J.M. Ullom ES, Las Vegas, NV, 5th grade classroom, 1992-1993. (Yes, there are schools in Las Vegas!) It was my 11th year of teaching. I’d taught 7th and 8th grade on two Native American Nations in Arizona, and had been teaching 5th grade in Las Vegas for four years. I’d been fortunate enough to receive high-quality professional development and was part of a math leadership project focused on Grades 3-5. I was slowly changing the way I taught mathematics, relying less and less on...

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