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A Cycle of Reflection: Learning More about Our Students

“I’m hoping to develop a math community where everyone has a voice and I can elevate the voices of students who may not have participated in discussions in the past.” – Berta, Grade 2    Developing an equitable math learning community that centers each student’s identity, needs, and voice requires that teachers take the time to learn about their students and then act on the knowledge they have gained. In our first blog, “What Do Your Students Think About Math?: Student Reflection as a...

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What Do Your Students Think About Math?: Student Reflection as a Tool for Finding Out

“An equitable learning community requires first and foremost knowing who our students are and using that knowledge to situate math learning in the lived experiences of students, building on the knowledge and skills each student brings to school and acknowledging and welcoming students’ identities into the classroom.” (Godfrey, 2021.) Many teachers use formative assessment, exit tickets, journal writing and/or other strategies to gather information about how students think about specific math...

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