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It’s Not What’s New; It’s What’s Old

People often ask me, “What’s your favorite part of the new edition of Investigations?” My first inclination is to blurt out “That it’s finished!”, despite the fact that the development stage has been over for almost a year. While many aspects of the revision were engaging and rewarding, I’m sure that someday soon I will not cringe when I hear the word deadline! That said, I think I can honestly say that my favorite part of the 3rd edition is also my favorite part of the 1st and...

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Welcome to our Blog!

We – the staff of the Investigations Center for Curriculum and Professional Development – are thrilled that the new Investigations 3 website is live, and are particularly excited to now have a blog. We have been reading lots of blogs in anticipation of starting our own. (The MathBlogosphere is wide-ranging and thriving!) At the moment, our plan is to blog at least once a week. Some posts will be about Investigations, and some will not. Authorship will rotate among our authors and staff. The...

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